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The 2nd wide-dissemination and awareness workshop

Following the wide-dissemination and awareness workshop organized form the small holder farmers and national MED-WET’s stakeholders by the MED-WET Team of Egypt during (24 - 26) of Dec., 2023 in Sekem Farm El-Wahat El-Bahariya, Egypt, the 2nd wide-dissemination and awareness workshop was held on the 17th of Jan 2024 at Heliopolis University for the technical experts and researchers from all over Egypt. The workshop after giving overview of the MED WET Project’s structure and outcomes, was centered, in-depth, on the sustainable water development for irrigation resulting from the currently operational MED-WET’s success story in Egypt “the low-cost, low-energy, nature-based and efficient constructed wetland treatment technology at Sekem Farm in El-Wahat El-Bahariya”. The team elaborated on how this innovative technology can be applied in large agricultural schemes (Model I, with advanced technologies and automatic operation equipment) and (Model II, cheap and manual operation) for smallholder farmers in the isolated rural communities in Egypt and the Mediterranean region. This technical workshop showcased the project's impact on local agriculture and its potential for scalable and sustainable solutions in the broader context of water management in the Mediterranean region. The audience had fruitful interactive discussions and concluded the workshop with a perceived understanding to convey the CWT’s success story to their rural and desert communities for upscaling and replication.

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