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is a self-regulating subsurface irrigation technique that uses the actual suction force of the surrounding soil for regulation of the system’s water release. Water is transported via clay tubes which have a higher suction tension than the applied hydraulic pressure, so the surface of the clay tubes stays damp. SLECI is a vehicle to create financial gains for small-scale farmers through increased crop diversity and yields from introduction of new irrigation (KPI 20% increase in revenue), through resource use efficiency (KPI 80% water savings) and in terms of more profitable farming by other cost savings by significantly reducing time spent in the field (KPI 20%), and reducing energy previously spent on pumping (KPI 20% energy savings).

Innovation Driven Solutions

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Solar desalination system for utilisation of saline and low-grade water

Evaporation greenhouse compartments based on the principle of solar desalination. Saltwater is evaporated (raw water) and recondensed as sweet water. Passive surface cooling mechanisms that condensate the evaporated water, e.g., low-quality water (e.g., saline groundwater or seawater) are tested. The systems shall be cheap and easy to deploy. Evaporation losses are reduced by 90%, and thus operational costs, and increase yields by 10-30%.


Productive constructed wetlands for wastewater reuse

transforms vineyard wastewater into reclaimed irrigation water, which flows into the further production units with edible crops. This enables farmers to directly utilise safe-for-reuse and nutrient-rich effluent for crop farming. Crop selection and placement is targeted to accommodate water and nutrient needs and tolerance.

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