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WP 1: Project management and coordination (Lead: HSW):

Entails the overall management and coordination of the project planning and implementation including financial management, reporting, quality assurance and providing the necessary data management function to collect and monitor the research results. Four project meetings are planned throughout the 3-year project.

WP 2: Technology development and adaptation (Lead: HSW):

Provides a comprehensive overview of existing irrigation, water efficiency and water recovery best practices, and comprises pre-pilot scale technology developments of the SLECI, the simplified desalination technologies, and the productive constructed wetland.

WP 3: Business development & stakeholder cooperation (Lead: USMS):

Provides the economic justification of the irrigation & water solutions, identifies pathways to generating sustainable income, promotes the take-up by farmers and establishes links to policy makers and other stakeholders.


WP 4: Impact evaluations (Lead: UBI):

Impact evaluations of the irrigation and water solutions that will make three types of analysis: (i) sustainability assessment; (ii) impact and efficiency analysis; and (iii) sensitivity analysis in order to evaluate and demonstrate the viability of technologies, experiments and projects, under analysis.

WP 5: Capacity building and dissemination (Lead: MCAST):

Maintenance of a project website, media and social media work will be conducted, and a network of stakeholders formed and maintained. Written outputs range from scientific publications to factsheets and leaflets for stakeholders, which include local public authorities, non-governmental organisations, private companies and farmers. The capacity building component comprises multiplier training workshops and demonstration sessions for farmers. The project aims to achieve true capacity-building in the sense of enabling smallholder farmers in the Mediterranean region to adopt cutting-edge technologies and proven, easy-to-adopt practices. WP5 also includes participation and organisation of international events to disseminate the project results.


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