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Better for Farmers, better for the planet

High tourist activities during the summer months additionally stress the limited water reserves, at a disadvantage for agriculture. Population growth, changing food consumption patterns and climate change are expected to intensify stresses. This calls for more efficient and sustainable irrigation technologies that are widely applicable for smallholder farmers. They must be low-cost, lean solutions that optimise natural resource use and income even at small scales. MED-WET provides such solutions to enhance irrigation efficiency as well as to increase freshwater availability by tapping into non-conventional water sources. Our selected solutions are low-tech, low-energy, easy-to-operate solutions using cheap, locally available and natural materials geared towards financial feasibility. The overall objective of MED-WET is to introduce and improve the irrigation efficiency of small farmers in the Mediterranean region and to make optimal use of scarce water resources for lasting food and water security. MED-WET supports smallholder farmers to adopt better practices and low-cost, sustainable solutions in irrigation and freshwater harvesting, to promote controlled water use with more crop per drop combined with more resilient and regenerative agricultural methods that restore ecosystem services for the long term, as well as contribute to more value creation in rural areas. Higher water use efficiency shall be reached through more targeted and highly decreased water consumption through innovative irrigation systems and tapping into largely unused non-conventional water resources.

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